Racial Temporalities: “The Past, Present and Future of Global White Supremacy”, Nov. 30 at 3pm

“Racial Temporality and Global White Supremacy”will be held on Wednesday Nov. 30th, from 3-5:30 PM featuring three invited speakers (Matthew Hughey, from UConn, Jemima Pierre from UCLA and Natasha Lightfoot from Columbia) who will share social scientific perspectives on racial domination and white supremacy in a global perspective. The details are below.
The talks will conclude with a roundtable discussion featuring a panel of scholars at Stony Brook.

In the wake of the election of Donald Trump, a man endorsed by the KKK and white nationalists around the globe, this interdisciplinary panel examines connections between the past, present and future of racial oppression and white dominance. What can we learn about this historical moment by looking to past formations of white supremacy, anti-blackness and state violence against marginalized communities? Drawing from interconnected histories of racialization in the United States, the Caribbean, the Atlantic World and Africa, these papers explore the aftermath and afterlife of slavery and colonialism in contemporary society.