Dear Derek

All Things Shilo

Derek Walcott

Dear Derek,

I wish that this title could have been “Hi Derek” since one of my goals was to meet you and tell you that you inspire me. To tell you that last summer I made it my business to educate myself and get acquainted with your work. And I wish I could tell you how I kept renewing “White Egrets” and getting fees charged not because I never finished reading  but because I borrowed it to a friend and didn’t get it back in time. I am being honest Derek.

Growing up I knew your name. I knew that you were one of the greats in the small island of St.Lucia that produced something that is unheard of ! Two Nobel Laureates with such a critical mass of people. Sir Derek Walcott and Sir Arthur Lewis our heroes. I never sought pass this until last year and I am…

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