Our Very Own Sushank Chibber Presents at Harvard University: At The World Phenomenology Institute’s Annual Conference 

This summer, our very own Sushank Chibber (Stony Brook, Class of 2015, B.A.;  2017, M.A.-Africana Studies) gave his first conference presentation at Harvard University.

He was invited to give a paper at The World Phenomenology Institute’s forty-first annual Cambridge Conference, entitled this year “Phenomonology of Polyrelationality: The Question of Consciousness” June 7-9, 2017, at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The paper he delivered was based on a German translation he did of a key philosophical text in the field of phenomenalogy. Chibber, in addition to his Indian heritage, is completely fluent in German, as he received his early education there. It is something he has continued to master and is already planning a new project.

Based on the success of Chibber’s research and paper, he was offered the opportunity to publish another German translation of a different work in the field, for which a German translation is needed, by the director of the center.

He was also the youngest presenter in 41 years among PhD candidates, professors, and also the only “outside of phenomenology with a masters degree” (Africana Studies). He also presented his MA thesis in Africana Studies that he worked on with Dr. Georges Fouron while he was at the conference.

As he stated, “because they were all under the impression that I was from phenomenology, I had the honor to showcase the AFS department and my thesis and they found it very interesting and a few professors even approached me wanting to collaborate with them or assist them with their research. Of course nothing is perfect neither was my presentation, but I am so happy with the feedback and response I received.”

Thank you Chibber for making us so proud!

For more information, check out their website. The conference program is posted there as well:


The Leadership of the World Phenomenology Institute

William S. Smith, Ph.D., Executive President

Jadwiga S. Smith, Ph.D., Co-President (American Division)

Daniela Verducci, Doctor in Philosophy, Co-President (European/Asian Division)

PO Box 5158

Hanover, New Hampshire 03755, United States

Phone: 802-295-3487

Website: http://www.phenomenology.org

Email: office@phenomenology.org


Teach-in on Race, Gender, Public Health Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Teach-in on Race, Gender, Public HealthWednesday, April 12, 2017


Humanities 1008

Free and Open to the Public; Seating is Limited
Please join us for a discussion on the government’s new policies around health care, education, the prison industrial complex and policing, and its stance on race and race relations in the U.S. The teach-in addresses the various ways women, communities of color, and the poor will be impacted by the current administration’s agenda.
Speakers include: 

Tracey Walters, Africana Studies

Zebulon Miletsky, Africana Studies

Crystal Fleming, Sociology

Black Lives Matter, Stony Brook University Chapter Representatives

Lauren La Magna, Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic

Lucas Sanchez, New York Commission for Change

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“I Am Not Your Negro” Screening and Discussion, April 3rd, Long Island Museum, 7 pm 

To quote the NY TIMES, the Academy Award-nominated “I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO” is “One of the best movies you are likely to see this year.” Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson using Baldwin’s own words, the film recounts the relationship between Baldwin and three murdered icons of the civil rights era. Co-sponsored by the Africana Studies Department at Stony Brook University. Guest Speakers

Dr. Zebulon Miletsky, Africana Studies Department & Author and Baldwin confidant, colleague and friend, Prof. Michael Thelwell, Department of African-American Studies, Umass-Amherst (Emeritus)

Co-sponsored by the Africana Studies Department at Stony Brook University 

This week at HISB @ SBU: Daphne A. Brooks & Matthew Frye Jacobson Wednesday, March 22 & Thursday March 23, 2017 at 4:00 pm, 1008 Humanities, #SBU

Wednesday, March 22, 2017, at 4:00pm, 1008 HumanitiesDaphne A. Brooks, Yale University

“The Knowles Sisters’ Political Hour: Black Feminist Dissent in Sound at the end of the Third Reconstruction”

Daphne A. Brooks is Professor of African American Studies and Theater Studies at Yale University. She is the author of Jeff Buckley’s Grace and Bodies in Dissent: Spectacular Performances of Race and Freedom,1850-1910, winner of The Errol Hill Award for Outstanding Scholarship on African American Performance. Brooks is currently working on a new book entitled Subterranean Blues: Black Women Sound Modernity, forthcoming from Harvard University Press.  

— And then on Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 4:00 pm, 1008 Humanities —

Matthew Frye Jacobson, Yale University
 “The Historian’s Eye: Meditations on Photography, History, and the American Present”

Based on documentary photography and oral history fieldwork carried out during the Obama years, Jacobson examines the collective response to America’s first black president and traces and historicizes the emergence of what we now know as Trumpism between the crash of 2008 and the election of 2016.  

Matthew Frye Jacobson is William Robertson Coe Professor of American Studies & History and Professor of African American Studies at Yale University. He is currently at work on his sixth book, Odetta’s Voice and other Weapons: The Civil Rights Era as Cultural History, and on several web- and film-based documentary projects.intersections of race, gender, class, and nationalism in the context of sports.